Social Media Marketing

Searchpillar works with your business to create a unique social media strategy that is designed to focus your efforts on accomplishing your marketing goals and business objectives.


We’ll help your business with:

  • Defining long and short-term goals
  • Determining your target audience and the best social media channels/networks to use
  • Identifying the type of content that is most beneficial, how much you need and how you’ll obtain it
  • Implementing a social media strategy with your overall marketing and business objectives
  • Integrating a social media strategy with the most up-to-date marketing initiatives
  • Designing, creating and setting up the necessary social media channels for your business

Strategy Development, Execution and Maintenance

Competitive Research and Strategy:social media research

Our highly-qualified team performs an extensive online analysis for your brand which includes: unique keyword research, relevant audience selection and pinpoint – the best strategy to vastly leverage your social media marketing campaign. We also take into consideration how and where your competition is currently active (on the social web) as this plays an imperitave part in the overall social media strategy.

Idea Creation:social media creation

Our team brainstorms and creates creative concepts that are applicable to your goals and objectives. We then create an executable plan and strategy that is designed to advertise your brand on the most appropriate social networks and platforms.

Profile Creation and Set up:social media profile

Depending on the services you offer and your needs, we will create profiles, customize them, and optimize each social media profile to your specifications including but not limited to:  design, images, and content.

Implementation and Monitoring:social media monitoring

Feel free to relax while your social media marketing strategy is implemented by our team of local Mansfield, TX based experts. We monitor several key factors of your brand using advanced techniques to provide the most valuable services.

Advanced Reporting and Statistics:social media reporting

The success of your social media marketing initiatives are vitally important. Our clients are given monthly reports on key metrics including: conversion rates, traffic, number of backlinks, and other key analytics. Our reporting gives you the ability to see our progression accompanied by data to clearly represent the work accomplished each month.